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We accepts
Visa , Master Card ,  Discover ,  American Express ,  Check or  Money Order. If ordering by credit card, please fill out the form below , or call us (630- 820 1111 ) and we will take down the credit card information over the phone. For shipments to countries outside the U.S., additional shipping charges will be added to cover postage (exact amount depends on the country.)
To pay by Check or Money Order - fill out the form below, or call us ( 
630- 820 1111 ), so that we can set your purchase aside. Then send your check or money order to:
Russian Gifts and Collectibles
914 Horseshoe Ct
Carol Stream , IL 60188
Please add
$5.95 for shipping/handling.  Illinois  residents: please add 5 % state tax.
Checks are subject to a hold ( for up to 10 days).

We ship with US Post Priority Mail , so delivery usually takes 2-3 days only !

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or the quality of the item sent to you, simply return the merchandise within 30 days for a prompt refund.*
*We do not refund shipping charges

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